Press Release

ECTA roadshow 2022


written by Team ECTA

The European Clean Trucking Alliance is hosting a Roadshow Event in Brussels on 27 October 2022 where top policymakers, businesses, media will have the opportunity to experience electric trucks with:

  • All day e-trucks test drives with 10 different electric trucks, including HDVs fromVolvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, Scania, DAF and BYD   
  • A Joint Declaration for an ambitious EU policy to decarbonise EU road freight transport   
  • An industry Q&A session to exchange knowledge and best-practices on the perspectives of European companies operating with e-trucks
  • A debate with top policymakers such as Karima Delli, Member of the European Parliament and Chair of the Transport Committee, Daniel Mes, Member of the Cabinet of EU Executive Vice President Timmermans, Volvo Trucks Senior Vice-president Product Management Jessica Sandström and Vos Logistics CEO Frank Verhoeven to discuss key opportunities for change and concrete actions for e-trucks to become the norm on Europe’s roads  

The European Clean Trucking Alliance has been reaching out to media in 5 countries: 

Registration for the ECTA roadshow

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Spokesperson contact

Kristin Kahl, Spokesperson of the European Clean Trucking Alliance

Representative CONTARGO GmbH & Co. KG,, +49 151 58031 934

More about the Alliance

ECTA brings together a broad and diverse range of European players in the road transport of goods such as leading businesses, organisations and civil society associations that share a strong commitment to accelerate the EU’s transition to zero-emissions trucks. ECTA business members include major hauliers, logistics and consumer goods companies in Europe and beyond. The organisations that have joined ECTA are some of the civil society organisations and associations with the strongest network of members and experience in transport and mobility at the European level.