Position Paper

Position paper on Greening Corporate Fleets


written by Team ECTA

The European Clean Trucking Alliance (ECTA) considers that the Commission could explore possible EU-level demand-side measures to promote the deployment of zero-emission trucks, but stresses that these would need to go hand-in-hand with the promotion of key enabling conditions.

Promoting the adoption of zero-emission trucks also through demand-side EU-level intervention is essential for achieving a sustainable transportation sector and addressing transport-related emissions. However, to successfully drive sustainable transformation within the road transportation sector and fully unlock the potential of demand-side measures, ECTA stresses the need to address critical challenges associated with enabling conditions – charging infrastructure, grid capacity, grid connections, smart grid use, the availability of renewable energy, incentives – and supportive policies for logistic operators engaged in the transition towards zero-emission trucks.

Our latest position paper on “Greening Corporate Fleets” emphasizes the importance of:

  • Ensuring enabling factors is key for logistic operators
  • Demand-side measures could be part of an ambitious EU transport decarbonisation strategy
  • Striking a right balance between stimulating demand and avoiding imposing burdensome regulatory requirements
  • Promoting EU measures and national incentives

We therefore call on the European Commission to explore potential EU-level demand-side measures to support and accelerate the deployment of zero-emission trucks, while carefully assessing their possible impact on the operations of the logistic sector.