Open letter

Joint declaration – The road freight sector is ready to fully decarbonise


written by Team ECTA

At the initiative of the European Clean Trucking Alliance, key players of the trucking industry (hauliers, shippers, electric vehicle charging operators and a truck manufacturer) are issuing a joint call to signal they are ready to transition to zero-emission trucking.

  • Truck manufacturers are ready to mass produce zero-emission trucks to make them the backbone of road freight transport in Europe
  • Hauliers and shippers, are willing to buy, lease and operate these vehicles
  • and electric vehicle recharging operators have started to invest and roll out the necessary recharging network

The signatories call on policy makers from EU institutions and Member States to put in place the enabling policies to accelerate the market uptake of zero-emission vehicles and to remove barriers holding back the transition. This includes:

  • Ambitious CO2 HDV standards to drive further the development and availability of zero-emission vehicles and map a trajectory to go fully zero-emission during the 2030s
  • A fast and ambitious roll out of public recharging and refuelling infrastructure, to ensure zero-emission trucks can run on European roads. Private charging at depots should also be supported.
  • An incentive framework to support the use of zero-emission vehicles and make them the best alternative to fossil-fuel vehicles