Open letter

The Green Deal should remain the foundation for a competitive, secure, modern and efficient Europe during the next EU mandate.


written by Team ECTA

Green Deal Letter Trucking

Having invested in the transition to zero-emission trucking and already deployed zero-emission trucks on EU roads, companies of the European Clean Trucking Alliance are calling policy makers to confirm policies adopted as part of the Green Deal.

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As a coalition of companies and organisations active in logistics, consumer goods, manufacturing, retail and supply chain management from across Europe, the European Clean Trucking Alliance (ECTA) recognizes the importance of transitioning quicker to zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles to mitigate climate change and improve air quality.

For this reason, ECTA wants to make sure that regulations agreed as part of the EU Green Deal will be thoroughly implemented.

ECTA spokesperson and representative of the logistics company Contargo, Kristin Kahl says: “Regulations agreed upon as part of the EU Green Deal are crucial for transitioning towards zero-emission trucking. The European Clean Trucking Alliance fully supports these initiatives as they provide the necessary framework and incentives to drive the adoption of cleaner, more sustainable road freight solutions. Together, we can achieve a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, benefiting both our environment and our economy.”

In addition, upcoming initiatives should aim at increasing and accelerating the share of zero-emission fleets on EU roads together with the creation of a practicable ecosystem for zero-emission trucking. The EU Green Deal is the best strategy for securing Europe’s prosperity and competitiveness, providing badly-needed coherence and regulatory stability to Europe’s businesses and citizens.

Frank Verhoeven, CEO of Vos Logistics stated: “To create the necessary ecosystem for zero-emission trucking, other regulations must be completed rapidly or implemented quickly. The European Clean Trucking Alliance emphasizes the need to address critical challenges such as grid capacity, grid connections, smart grid use, and the availability of renewable energy. Supportive policies for logistics operators engaged in the transition towards zero-emission trucks are essential. These steps, aligned with the EU Green Deal, are vital for ensuring a sustainable and efficient road freight sector in Europe.”

This call was signed by more than 400 stakeholders across the board and published here.