World New Energy Vehicle Congress 2023

  • Location

    Haikou, China

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Sarah Walker of the European Climate Foundation and Martin Burgat of European Clean Trucking Alliance shared an update on EU regulations and best-practices in zero-emission trucking during the 2023 World New Energy Vehicle Congress (2023WNEVC) in Haikou, China.

Updates about EU regulations that will foster the deployment of zero-emission trucks, such as the CO2 standards for HDVs, the Alternative Fuels Infrastrcture Regulation, Low-emission zones, etc. were presented to the audience.

It was complemented by several great examples of ECTA members (IKEA, Nestlé, DHL Group, Contargo and Boekestijn Transport Service) that deploy zero-emission trucks on EU roads.

You can watch the presentation below.


Sarah Walker

Programme Manager Transport, European Climate Foundation (ECF)

Martin Burgat

Secretariat of the European Clean Trucking Alliance